Why Join the SSCE?

The SSCE is the premier academic society for Christian ethics in the UK. Our membership includes a diverse range of teachers, scholars, ministers, students and professionals involved in front-line work in the discipline.

Membership in the SSCE provides you with a range of opportunities for learning, professional enrichment, and ways to contribute to the ongoing development of Christian Ethics in the UK.

In the first instance, your membership helps support the front-line work of the society in the form of:

  • Our annual conference
  • Special networking and professional development events we run throughout the year for postgraduates in Christian ethics
  • Our top-rated journal Studies in Christian Ethics.

Membership is a prerequisite for participating in the former of these two, particularly for those persons who would like to submit an abstract to be considered for a short-paper sessions at the annual conference. However, your membership benefits also include an annual subscription to our journal - which represents a very significant discount and justifies the cost of membership by itself.