SSCE Annual Conference

Truth, Lies and Christian Ethics

9-11th September 2021, VIRTUAL CONFERENCE




Thursday 9th September


1130-1245                      Postgraduate Conference: ‘Beyond the Academy’

                                           Connecting and contributing to professional life beyond the academy

                                           Contributors: Bethan Willis, Edward David, Esther D. Reed…

                                           Convenors: Alex Trew and Maikki Aakko


1345 –                             Welcome from Esther D. Reed, President


1400 – 1515                    Jennifer Herdt, Partisan Epistemology and Post-Truth Power

                                           Chair: Dave Leal

                                           Respondent: Harriet Harris


1600 – 1715                   Michael Banner, Telling Lies, Telling Tales and Telling (and Doing) the Truth: Racism, Moral Repair and the Case for Reparations

                              Chair: Beth Phillips

                                          Respondent: Chigor Chike


1900 – 2030                  Short Papers: Session 1


Track 1 | (Chair: Timothy Nagy) 

a. Robb Torseth, “The Sanctification of Our Speech”: The Theological Function of Truth and Falsehood in John Webster’s “Sins of Speech”

b. Robyn Boere, “Grandma and the Dog Now Live on a Farm”: Children and the Instrumentality of Truth and Lies


Track 2 | (Chair: Anna Westin.

a.Stewart Clem, Truth and Truthfulness in the Practice of Health Care

b.David Robinson, Against a Docetic Ecclesiology: Schleiermacher and Bonhoeffer on Christ’s Body Politic


2030-2130                      Social Space (WonderMe)




Friday 11th September


0930-0945                       Morning Prayer – Ruth Valerio


1000 – 1130                   Short Papers: Session 2


 Track 3 | (Chair: Gary Hall)

a. Elisa Koch, On the Vulnerability of Religious Truth: A Comparative Theological Perspective

b. Rob Heimburger, Rise Up: Exploring a World Resurrected in the Book of Acts        


Track 4 | (Chair: Jackie Tait)

a.Luke Lee, The Question of Communism and the Birth of Chinese Public Theology: A postcolonial perspective

b. Wong Kwun Shing, Barth's Actualistic Ethics as a Response to Leo Strauss’ Critique on the Ethics Affected by the Fact-Values Distinction


Track 5| (Chair: Alex Trew)

a.Susan Beverley Cross, Wreaths of Empire and wreaths of mist: Racism, the legacy of colonialism and the inhospitality of the Church of England

b.Florence O’Taylor, Affliction, addiction and the history of force: rethinking substance dependence through a political theology lens


1400 – 1515                   Mark Wynn, Truth and Christian Ethics: A Narratival Perspective

                                          Chair: Oliver Crisp

                                           Respondent: Edward A. David


1600 – 1715                   Esther D Reed, Truth, Lies and New Weapons Technologies: Prospects for Jus in Silico?

                                           Chair: Brian Brock

                                           Respondent: Paul Schulte


1715-1815                      Social Space (WonderMe)


Saturday 11th September


0930-0945                      Morning Prayer – Ruth Valerio


1000 – 1115                   AGM


1145 – 1300                   Linda Woodhead, Truth and Deceit in Institutions

                                           Chair: Joy Clarkson

                                           Respondent: Amra Bone


1300 – 1315                   Neil Messer, President