Call for Papers

In lieu of a full conference, SSCE 2020 will feature a series of successive online seminars on Friday 11 September, 2020.
These will be comprised of short papers. Please see below for details of themes and calls for papers.
Further details of timings and platforms to follow.

Call for Papers

For each webinar, we welcome proposals for papers 15-20 minutes in length.
In order to propose a paper, please email an abstract of ~150 words to the respective contact for each seminar (provided below).
Please include the name of the seminar in the subject line.

The deadline for submission of short paper proposals for each webinar is 30th June 2020.


A. Christian Ethics and Doctrine

Convenors: Jenny Leith and Samuel Tranter

We invite proposals for presentations of work that directly address this topic, or are more broadly located at the interface of these disciplines.
Presentations may encompass wider questions:

  • How should we conceive of the role and authority of Christian doctrine within Christian ethics?
  • How might we construe and contrast the particular kinds of tasks each discipline addresses
    – and what opportunities and limitations follow from these disciplinary demarcations?
  • How can reflection on moral challenges in turn illumine and inform Christian doctrines?

Or pursue more specific avenues of inquiry:

  • How are – and how should – particular debates about particular moral and political issues draw upon theological resources?
  • How do particular doctrines serve to frame or animate the moral theologies of certain thinkers or traditions of church teaching?

Contact email:


B. Christian Ethics and Moral Philosophy

Convenor: B.J. Condrey

This seminar is committed to exploring the relationship between Christian Ethics and Moral Philosophy since 1900.
The focus of the seminar includes (but is not limited to):  

  • How has Christian Ethics benefited from Moral Philosophy (or vice versa)? 
  • What are some of the most influential thinkers that have utilised moral philosophy in communicating a
    Christian worldview and/or addressing an ecclesial, ethical, or social-justice issue? 
  • How can the study of moral philosophy enrich Christian Ethics? 
  • What moral philosophers have been overlooked by Christian ethicists that could be beneficial in our current setting? 
  • What impact has moral philosophy had on the more recent trend to frame Christian Ethics within a virtue-based framework?

Contact email:


C. Christian Ethics and Climate Change

Convenor: Andrew Bowyer

This seminar will feature cross-disciplinary perspectives on Christian Ethics and Climate Change.
The focus of the seminar includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Theological conceptions of nature
  • Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ 5 years on
  • Christian climate-change denialism
  • Biblical resources for creation ethics
  • Ecological theologies for the Anthropocene

Contact email:


D. Christian Ethics and the Bible

Convenors: Susanna Snyder and Robert W. Heimburger

We invite proposals that explore the intersection between the Bible and Christian ethics.

We encourage papers that consider specific passages of Scripture or books of the Bible as places to discover a Christian ethos. We welcome papers exploring the relation of the Bible to current public issues such as Covid-19, climate change, and migration, and papers that connect Christian ethics and the Bible in preaching, worship, and devotion. Papers may also consider broader ways that the Bible and Christian ethics relate, or why at times they do not seem to relate.

Scholars of Christian ethics, Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and other disciplines are encouraged to submit proposals.

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