2007 Annual Conference: Managerialism

The 2007 Annual Conference was held on 7th-9th September, at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, 
preceded by a symposium on the work of Hans Ulrich.

The keynote presentations at the conference were:

Mr Tony Benn, former Labour MP and minister
'The Kings versus the Prophets'

Professor Michael L. Budde, Chair of the Department of Political Science, DePaul University,
'The Rational Shepherd: Corporate Practices and the Church'

Professor Christine Gudorf, Professor of Religious Ethics, Florida International University,
'Church Managerialism and the Rise of Latin American Pentecostalism'

Professor John Milbank, Professor in Religion, Politics and Ethics, Nottingham University,
'Stale expressions: the managerialist-shaped church. A call for the parishes of England to rise up against the powerful usurpers of their canonic and constitutional authority'

Professor Richard Roberts, Emeritus Visiting Professor, University of Stirling,
'Personhood and Performance: Managerialism, post-democracy and the ethics of "enrichment"'

Professor Allen Verhey, Professor of Christian Ethics, Duke Divinity School,
'Manager and Therapist at a Christian Mental Health Care Center: Observations of a Resident Theologian'

Dr. Bernd Wannenwetsch, Lecturer in Ethics, Oxford University,
'The Birth of the Economisation of the Church: Out of the Spirit of Protestant Inwardness'

Conference Year: 

2 007
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