2003 Annual Conference: The Ethics of Education

The 2003 Annual Conference was held on 5th-7th September, at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.
The speakers included:

‘Teaching Ethics in Higher Education’
Dr Susan Illingworth Philosophical and Religious Studies Learning and Teaching Support Network

‘The Quest for Appropriate Accountability - Stake-holders, Tradition and the Managerial Prerogative in Higher Education’
Professor Richard Roberts University of Lancaster

‘Beyond Phenomenology and Confession: Exploring the Epistemology and Pedagogy of Religious Schooling and Formation’
Professor David Carr University of Edinburgh

‘Christian Ethics in the Classroom, Curriculum and Corridor’
Professor Jeff Astley North of England Institute of Christian Education and University of Durham

‘The Responsibilities of Universities in a Religious and Secular World’
Professor David Ford University of Cambridge

‘For Gain, for Curiosity or for Edification: Why Do We Teach and Learn?’
Dr Margaret Atkins Trinity & All Saints College, University of Leeds
The Annual General Meeting of the Society was held on the Saturday afternoon.

Conference Year: 

2 003

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