2001 Annual Conference: Liturgy and Ethics

The 2001 conference was held 7th-9th September at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, England.
The following papers were offered:

'An Ethical Account of Ritual: An Anthropological Case-Study': The Reverend Timothy Jenkins, Dean of Jesus College, Cambridge

'Orthodox Liturgy and Ethics: a case study': Professor Stanley Harakas, Professor of Orthodox Theology Emeritus, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

'"Mercy not Sacrifice"? Biblical Perspectives on Liturgy and Ethics': Dr Stephen Barton Senior Lecturer in New Testament, University of Durham

'The Pastoral Offices and Ethics': Dr Bridget Nichols Lay Chaplain and Research Assistant to the Bishop of Ely

'Liturgy and the Moral Life: Two Modes of Christian Praise': Dr Christopher Steck SJ, Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics, Georgetown University

'Ethics in Patristic Liturgy': Professor Iain Torrance Professor of Divinity, Faculty of Divinity, University of Aberdeen

'Worship and Ethics: Reflections on Conversations between Anglicans and Lutherans': Dr Alan Suggate, formerly Senior Lecturer in Christian Social Teaching, University of Durham

'The Eucharist and Justice': Professor Nicholas Sagovsky, William Leech Professorial Research Fellow, University of Newcastle

'Liturgy and Time': Dr Ben Quash, Dean of Peterhouse College, Cambridge

Conference Year: 

2 001

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