Bursaries and Assisted Places

In the spirit of transparency, we have posted here some details regarding our policy on bursaries and assisted places at our annual conference and other events.

The SSCE has a standing tradition of providing substantial subsidies to students, unwaged members, early-career academics, and ministers on low fixed-incomes. This comes in the form of special £15 membership pricing for members with annual incomes lower than £25,000 (this is set to match the basic subsidy given to new ministers) and in the form of "Band A" pricing for our annual conference. In particular, the "Band A" conference prices represent a significant subsidy (more than 40% in some cases) and in this way we try to provide access to our events to those who may be on low or fixed incomes, especially students. 

We also recognise that there may be special cases, where even these rates are out of reach for some members. In this case, we invite queries for "assisted places" at the conference. It is worth noting that many of our members pay their conference fees out-of-pocket, so lack of access to instutitional subsidies alone does not necessarily constitute special circumstances. Allocation of bursaries will be decided by a group of at least three SSCE committee members in advance of the conference and assisted places will be allocated, notification provided and reimbursement sent in the month of August.

Any member is very welcome to apply for an assisted place if you believe your circumstances may merit additional help by checking the "Bursary Request" box on our online registration form before submitting your registration. We also enthusiastically encourage society members to nominate other members who they know to be attending in the midst of financial hardship by sending an email to the society secretary.